Resurfacing / Repairs / Remodel

What we offer


Our three step re-facing process allows you to have that “brand new” look in your kitchen. NuSurface® offers an alternative to costly and messy replacement of custom size cabinets in your home.

1. We simply remove and discard your old doors and drawer fronts.

2. We apply a real wood veneer to the exposed areas of your cabinet boxes.

3. We install beautiful new custom-made doors, drawer fronts, hinges and hardware.


Put a fresh coat of stain and sealant on your kitchen cabinets. On previously stained cabinets, our professionals clean and re-stain cabinets to a “like new” original luster and color. Let our resurfacing specialists give your cabinets that new look in just days.


Repainting best describes the look, but not the quality of the product we spray on your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We utilize an exclusively formulated three part acrylic urethane on all your cabinet doors and drawer fronts giving your kitchen cabinets that new look for thousands less than new cabinets.


Change the color of almost any surface in your home to a like new finish!

Countertop refinishing is the process of repairing and restoring your existing kitchen or bath countertop to give it a new and modern look. By applying a very hard and durable acrylic coating to the existing counter, this process can extend the life of the counter for 10-15 years with the proper care and maintenance. The biggest advantage of refinishing your counter is that you will save 50% – 70% over replacement. Plus, you don’t have the mess of the demolition to pull out that old countertop, have the plumbing fixtures removed and then have all the new or old fixtures installed. Countertops can be resurfaced in a day and ready for use within 48 hours.

The Process

1. First the surface is cleaned and prepped.

2. Any body work that must be done, such as scratches or chips in the laminate, are then filled in and smoothed out.

3. All fixtures surrounding countertop is covered with paper and plastic to ensure that the only thing being resurfaced is your countertop.

4. The countertop finish is applied.

Countertop finishes are available in hundreds of colors including our own NuSpec Designer Colors. Let us help you design a new and modern look for your kitchen or bath. The possibilities are endless!


Many things in your home or office can be resurfaced. Call today and ask our resurfacing specialists about the advantages and endless possibilities of resurfacing in your home or office.

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