Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How durable is refinishing and how long will it last?

A: Our product is very durable.  It will be as durable as the surface underneath.  It will last as long as you care for it properly by using cutting boards, hot pads, and proper cleaning products (Soft Scrub, non-abrasives, etc.)

Q: Will it scratch, burn, peel or stain?

A: Just like the surface underneath, the surface can be scratched or burned.  The product we use is stain resistant and will not peel.

Q: How much cheaper is refinishing vs. replacing?

A: Refinishing is a fraction of the cost of replacing.  You can sometimes save up to 70%.  Generally speaking, it is 1/3 the cost of replacing.

Q: What kind of paint do we use?

A: The product we use is not a paint.  It is an industrial chemical coating.  A Urethane-acrylic.

Q: If it chips, can it be fixed?

A: Yes.  Each chip or repair needs to be looked at prior to quoting a price.

Q: Does it smell?

A: Yes. The product has a strong odor. You cannot be in the area when the technician is spraying, they wear respirators. The area will be ventilated by opening windows and will dissipate within a couple of hours.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: There is a standard 1 year warranty for all items. This is the same warranty a manufacturer gives for a new bathtub or counter-top.

Q: Will we get paint (overspray) all over the area?

A: No.  All areas are masked off with paper, tape and plastic.  All technicians are very careful as they are responsible for replacing or repairing items if they are damaged.

Q: Why can’t we use bleach if it is so durable?

A: Just like the original surface, the colors can be bleached out.







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